Impacts and Insights: Circular IT management in a linear world

Online Event with Siddharth Prakash

22.09.2020 15:00 Uhr  - 22.09.2020 16:30 Uhr


The circular economy has the potential to solve or reduce many of today’s sustainability challenges. What does circularity actually mean for IT products? Join us as we deep-dive into this issue together with experts that have hands-on experience of circular solutions.

The keys to circularity — expert panel discussion

Our speakers work with circularity in various ways: scientifically and practically, with procurement and purchasing, and with concrete solutions for refurbishment and remanufacturing. They will discuss this topic from several angles:

  • The single most important thing you can do is to give IT products a longer life. Why? And what does it mean in practice?

  • Circular solutions can also lead to financial benefits. How can organizations benefit?

  • Market demand is key to accelerating the pace of change. What are the keys to implementing circular procurement practices?

  • Many circular solutions are already in place — we now have to use them. How can you lower the threshold and go from planning to action?





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