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LOCATION:Virtual Conference DESCRIPTION:Digitalization and the need for a more sustainable development within our planetary boundaries are the two main drivers of the transformations that economies and societies around the world will undergo in the coming decades. Digitalization provides new opportunities for a development that is more environment-friendly\, resource-efficient and inclusive. At the same time\, if not guided appropriately\, it could consume ever higher amounts of energy and raw materials\, intensify unsustainable consumption patterns and increase e-waste. However\, in-depth analysis on the positive and negative impacts of digitalization on the environment is still fragmentary. Equally\, there is a lack of approaches and instruments to ensure an ecologically sustainable digitalization and to harness digitalization for the sustainable development transformations. Particularly the international interlinkages and potentials for cooperation are not yet taken into account sufficiently. The aim of this conference is to complement ongoing discourses on the interlinkages between digitalization and the ecological dimension of sustainable development from an international perspective. To this end\, the event brings together experts and scientists\, entrepreneurs\, civil society representatives and policy makers from both communities and from across the world for an exchange of views and practical experiences on the following questions: What concrete measures are needed to ensure the ecological sustainability of digitalization? How can digitalization enable and support the transformation towards more sustainable development? How can we learn from each other and cooperate on an international and bilateral level in order to create favorable framework conditions and promote promising initiatives for sustainable digitalization? We are pleased to welcome a wide range of speakers\, including Prof. Dr. Dirk Messner - President of the German Environment Agency (UBA)\, Dr. Amani Abou Zeid (tbc) – Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy at the African Union Commission\, Vivien Foster – Chief Economist at World Bank\, Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor – CEO at Malaysian Green Technology Corporation\, Carlos Alexandre Principe Pires – Director of the Energy Development Department\, Ministry of Mines and Energy\, Brasil\, as well as Dirk Meyer - Head of Department Z at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment\, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)\, and many more. You can find all information on the conference\, the agenda and speakers on here (URL: ) URL: CLASS:PUBLIC DTSTART:20210519T100000 DTEND:20210520T150000 DTSTAMP:20210516T015735 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR