Article 6 pilots and ambition raising – Opportunities and safeguards

IETA COP24 Business Hub

12.12.2018 15:30 Uhr  - 12.12.2018 17:00 Uhr


Voluntary cooperation between Parties has the potential to build strong coalitions to foster rapid sectoral decarbonation through support of otherwise inaccessible technologies contributing to more domestic ambition as needed for the PA. In the context of Article 6 however, in order to fulfil this potential, it is important that cooperation focusses on driving mitigation in otherwise inaccessible abatement options and why it is critical that support should be limited, after which domestic measures must kick-in and included in a ratcheted NDC. While participation in mechanisms may potentially deliver benefits, potential activity areas should be carefully selected, designed and implemented to safeguard against potential risks that can create conditions for ambition disincentives. Designing and implementing effective safeguards will be a challenging process and will require a comprehensive dialogue.

The event will aim to increase the understanding of opportunities and challenges of using Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. The conclusions drawn by researchers and practitioners bear high relevance for countries interested to finance or host related interventions.


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