@TECHREPORT{oei_1092, ota_publtyp = {Bericht}, oei_publtyp = {Studie}, title = {Trends and projections in Europe 2015 - Tracking progress towards Europe`s climate and energy targets}, author = {Barbu, A. and Dejean, F. and Tomescu, M. and Böttcher, H. and Cludius, J. and Förster, H. and Gores, S. and Healy, S. and Schumacher, K. and Siemons, A. and Renders, N.}, year = {2015}, language = {en}, url = {https://www.eea.europa.eu/publications/trends-and-projections-in-europe-2015}, abstract = {The annual EEA `Trends and projections` report provides an updated assessment of progress made by the European Union (EU) and European countries towards their climate mitigation and energy targets. It also presents some analysis of the progress made at EU level in meeting longer-term policy objectives, where relevant data are available.}, keywords = {Energie und Klimaschutz} }