@BOOKLET{oei_1176, ota_publtyp = {Bericht}, oei_publtyp = {Broschuere}, title = {The deadly business}, author = {Manhart, A. and Amera, T. and Kuepouo, G. and Mathai, D. and Mng’anya, S. and Schleicher, T.}, year = {2016}, language = {en}, url = {/oekodoc/2549/2016-076-de.pdf}, abstract = {In order to expand the knowledge base on lead recycling industries in Africa, Oeko-Institut launched a fundraising campaign and initiated the Lead Recycling Africa Project in late 2014. In this project, local research organizations conducted detailed investigations of the recycling practices for waste lead-acid batteries in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. This report summarizes the main findings and gives recommendations on how to reduce the adverse impacts on human health and the environment.}, keywords = {Rohstoffe und Recycling} }