@TECHREPORT{oei_4124, ota_publtyp = {Bericht}, oei_publtyp = {Studie}, title = {Outlining Environmental Challenges in the Non-Fuel Mining Sector}, author = {Dolega, P. and Degreif, S. and Buchert, M. and Schüler, D.}, year = {2016}, language = {en}, url = {http://stradeproject.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/pdf/PolicyBrief_04-2016_Sep2016_FINAL.pdf}, abstract = {STRADE is an EU-funded research project focusing on the development of dialogue-based, innovative policy recommendations for a European strategy on future raw materials supplies. In a series of policy briefs and reports the project will offer critical analysis and recommendations on EU raw materials policy. This policy brief is the fourth in a series of research articles and reports to be produced under STRADE. This brief reviews environmental impacts and ecological challenges in raw material production.}, keywords = {Rohstoffe und Recycling} }