@TECHREPORT{oei_4864, ota_publtyp = {Bericht}, oei_publtyp = {Studie}, title = {ETC/CME Report 3/2019}, author = {Healy, S. and Graichen, V. and Graichen, J. and Nissen, C. and Gores, S. and Siemons, A.}, year = {2019}, language = {en}, url = {https://www.eionet.europa.eu/etcs/etc-cme/products/etc-cme-reports/etc-cme-report-3-2019-trends-and-projections-in-the-eu-ets-in-2019}, abstract = { This report provides an analysis of past, present and future emissions trends under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), based on the latest data and information available from the European Commission and Member States. It also analyses the balance between supply and demand of allowances in the market. The report provides extensive material describing the functioning, scope and cap of the EU ETS. The report was prepared on behalf of the European Environment Agency, as partner of the ETC on Climate Change Mitigation and Energy (ETC/CME). }, keywords = {Energie und Klimaschutz} }