@TECHREPORT{oei_4616, ota_publtyp = {Bericht}, oei_publtyp = {Studie}, title = {EEA Report No 16/2018}, author = {Dael, S. and Förster, H. and Gores, S. and Nissen, C. and Pupo Nogueira de Oliveira, L. and Renders, N. and Sporer, M. and Tomescu, M.}, year = {2018}, language = {en}, url = {https://www.eea.europa.eu/publications/trends-and-projections-in-europe-2018-climate-and-energy/}, abstract = {This report is part of the ‘Trends and Projections in Europe: 2018: Tracking progress towards Europe’s climate and energy targets,’ package. It is based on the most recent reported and approximated data from EU Member States on greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy uptake and energy consumption. The report was prepared on behalf of the European Environment Agency, as partner of the European Topic Centre on Air Pollution and Climate change Mitigation. }, keywords = {Energie und Klimaschutz} }