Supply of statistical services in the field of environmental statistics and accounts: Assistance in operation and further development of the Environmental Data Centre and Waste

The main objective of this contract is to assist Eurostat in implementing, operating and further developing the Environmental Data Centre on Natural Resources. This includes, inter alia:

  • Management of resource statistics and data from various reporting obligations on resources, from the collection to publication. Perform quality assurance, and coordinate data and information managed by other bodies (e.g. Go4, other EU institutions, international organizations such as OECD and the United Nations)
  • Maintenance and up-dating of the information provided through the web-site of the Environmental Data Centre
  • Timely provision of information to reply to specific policy questions related to statistical information on resources and the associated environmental impacts
  • Development of methodological approaches to produce statistical data, information and indicators on resources and the associated environmental impacts, taking a life cycle perspective. This shall include, for example, the formulation of research needs for methodological development, data collection and management, calculation of indicators and modelling, in close cooperation with the Go4 Partners of Eurostat
  • Build-up and distribution of knowledge, using existing structures, know-how and expertise of the Go4.