Enabling consumer action towards top energy-efficient products (TOPTEN ACT) - Studie im Rahmenprogramm Horizon 2020 der Europäischen Kommission

TOPTEN ACT aims at transforming the European market of energy-using products towards higher energy efficiency by addressing non-technical market barriers. It builds on the concept that it is ultimately consumer action (ACTion = the purchase of top energy-efficient products) that will determine market transformation. With this as basis, and the experience gathered from previous European Topten projects, TOPTEN ACT has developed a comprehensive strategy covering all key market actors, with three specific objectives mutually reinforcing each other: 1. To increase consumer purchases of top energy-efficient products in Europe (increase consumer ACTion); 2. To boost the availability of top energy-efficient products on European markets; 3. To increase large buyers` knowledge and purchases of top energy-efficient products in Europe (both for public authorities and private companies).