2021 Annual Report published

Making transformations equitable

Our lifestyle and economic model must change as a matter of urgency in order to protect the environment, climate and resources. But is this taking place in a fair and equitable manner? The changes now being addressed by policy-makers have major implications for all of us. Justice, in this context, has many dimensions: in addition to a socially balanced transition, the international impacts must be considered. The decisions taken will affect not only today’s but also tomorrow’s world, as well as younger and future generations.

What might a just transition look like – in terms of the social impacts in our own country, the international effects and intergenerational challenges? This question is the focus of our 2021 Annual Report. The projects profiled, which showcase the Oeko-Institut’s research activities, explore ways to manage the transition and create a sustainable society.

As a new feature this year, we are publishing our Annual Report in digital form. A reader-friendly on-screen format with numerous links and further information is now available for you to review our year 2021.

Making transformations equitable: Read the Oeko-Institut’s 2021 Annual Report online.