Out now: "Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe: Rhetoric and Realities"


The acid test of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is simply this: does CSR lead to positive impacts on society and the environment or is it just rhetoric? And if it does lead to positive impacts how can these impacts be enhanced?

The book entitled ‘Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe’ presents empirical findings from a range of surveys and in-depth case studies among European multinational companies and SMEs. These build on a new methodological and theoretical framework for assessing and explaining the sustainability impact of CSR.

For selected sustainability issues – mitigation of climate change and chemical risk, resource management in marine fisheries, promotion of gender equality and countering of bribery – and within different European industries, the authors show that the rhetoric of CSR is still stronger than its reality.

They do so by investigating into CSR practices which encompass the creation of a vision on CSR, its strategic and operative implementation and its organisational and cultural embedding within companies and their supply chains. The authors conclude that while the rhetoric on CSR is dominant, the reality of CSR is strong enough to allow for some of this very rhetoric. They name intra- and extra-company success factors for, and limits of, producing sustainability impacts through CSR. Finally, they discuss the contribution of CSR to achieving public policy goals and the governance paradigms that are necessary to make CSR effective. Interdisciplinary research forms the basis of the book’s successful combination of a business and public policy perspective.

The volume will be invaluable for both students and researchers interested in the effects of CSR, and will prove a useful tool for policy-makers and CSR practitioners alike
Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe

Rhetoric and Realities
Barth, R. and Wolff, F. (eds.)
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2009, 384 Seiten
ISBN: 978 1 84720 764 7

Contributors: R. Barth, M. Bohn, H. Csáfor, M. Csete, M. Füle, C. Hochfeld, E. Lerum Boasson, N.C. Nagypál, D. Nicolai, T. Pálvölgyi, K. Schmitt, I. Schultz, J.B. Skjærseth, J. Szlávik, F. Viganò, J. Wettestad, P. Wilkinson, F. Wolff

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