Öko-Institut 2008/2009 Annual Report out now! Roundup of projects, milestones and products


The Öko-Institut’s latest annual report is hot off the press: on 24 pages, it showcases research projects in 2008 and 2009 and explores the institute’s current priorities. “Sustainable industrial policy for Europe” is this year’s focal theme. In his editorial, Helmfried Meinel, Chair of the Committee, sets out the institute’s vision with regard to that theme. Executive Board member Christian Hochfeld enlarges in an interview. The institute’s researchers present their landmark projects designed to deliver the science underpinning sustainable industrial policy. The report further looks back on the milestones of the previous year, and casts its gaze to the Öko-Institut’s International Annual Conference. The report is available for download free of charge as a pdf file here>>.

You can download the 2008/2009 Annual Report in pdf format, or you can order it directly from us. In addition, we have published an online version of our current reference list, which assembles our key projects, publications and presentations.

The pdf version of the annual report is available here>>

Would you prefer a printed copy of the annual report? We’ll be pleased to send you one. Simply e-mail us at redaktion(at)oeko.de  or order by fax at +49-761-45295-88.


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