Green Transformation Towards a Sustainable Industrial Policy for Europe


The current economic and environmental crisis presents an opportunity to change the course of industrial policy. The goal of classic industrial policy is to have an innovative and competitive economy. But how can goals cast purely in terms of economic policy be combined with the sustainable development of society in times of crisis? How can environmental performance and climate change mitigation become the driving force of innovation in industry? What is the enabling setting that policymakers must create at European level and within the EU member states? The annual conference to be convened by the Öko-Institut
on 5th November 2009 in Brussels will explore these questions, all of which are key to a sustainable European industrial policy. A panel of international experts from the realms of policymaking, industry, society and academia will discuss the theme of “Green Transformation Towards a Sustainable Industrial Policy for Europe” together with the institute’s scientists.

At EU level, important projects that will exert a major influence on EU industrial policy are set to be launched with the continuation of the Lisbon Strategy after 2010 and the European Commission Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and Sustainable Industrial Policy (SIP). However, the structural change in industry that this will require calls for major effort, particularly in the present economic crisis: The Öko-Institut is in no doubt that it will not suffice to improve energy and resource efficiency in the technology sector and provide more comprehensive information to consumers.

In workshops, the experts will debate four cross-sectoral issue areas: What opportunities for consistently sustainable industrial policy are presented by emissions trading, sustainable consumption patterns, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and resource conservation? Which barriers stand in the way of further development?
Finally, the scientists will take the specific case of the car industry to explore, together with the experts from politics and society, the current practice of European and national industrial policy and the sustainable and less sustainable approaches for the future.

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