Values for business: Rhetoric or reality?


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Nowadays, practically every major company seeks to project an environmentally and socially responsible image. But what of this is windowdressing and what is real change? A three-year project conducted across Europe has unravelled precisely that question, which we have made the focal theme of this latest issue of eco@work. Find out what the scientists discovered. We also present a new trend in industry: carbon footprinting. And we report the insights gained by Christian Hochfeld, corporate policy expert at the Öko-Institut. Read on here.

The latest issue of our e-paper also informs about 500plus! – our membership campaign. For 30 years now, we have been constituted as a registered non-profit association with a good 3000 members. That is a large number, but not nearly large enough. We are now looking for 500 new members. Would you like to join in the effort to shape a sustainable future? Then join us, or, if you are already a member, recruit a new one. Read more about it in the “Prompting” and “Discovering” sections or at


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