Resources & Transport

The Resources & Transport Division has been working intensively and successfully for many years on four major thematic complexes, finding solutions to the key questions: How can mobility be shaped sustainably and which technical and logistic measures need to be put in place in which manner in both passenger travel and freight transport? Which standards and targets apply to sustainable enterprises, and which tools and mechanisms are appropriate to attain these goals for globally operating corporations and for small and medium-sized enterprises? What are the criteria for sustainable resource management, and how can the potential to reduce environmental impacts be tapped in a manner that is efficient, socially equitable and economically viable? What contributions can sustainable tourism and environmentally sound large-scale sporting events make to sustainable development?

Our scientists deliver precise and critical analyses, deploy cutting-edge software tools, develop and refine interdisciplinary research methodologies, and engage in committed, critical and open-ended consultancy for partners and clients. Partners in the private and public sectors and clients in Germany and abroad value these special qualities highly. They include the European Commission, UNEP, the German Environment Ministry, the German Federal Environment Agency, regional governments and local authorities, industrial companies and civil society associations.