Nuclear Engineering & Facility Safety

The researchers of our Nuclear Engineering & Facility Safety Division work on cutting-edge issues of nuclear engineering and conventional technologies by conducting studies and producing reports, providing advisory services and cooperating in expert bodies. Engineering, economic, political and legal aspects are tackled in equal measure.

In the field of facility safety, work focuses on performing safety analyses, assessing and communicating risks, analysing reportable events – with particular regard to the interfaces between people, organizations and technology – and developing standards, codes and regulations.

Our researchers are helping to design transparent procedures and suitable management structures by which to realize a final repository for radioactive wastes. They also address the issues surrounding the safety of the transportation, interim and final storage of radioactive and chemotoxic wastes, and the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities.

We also tackle the questions surrounding radiation protection within nuclear facilities, radiation protection in medicine and electromagnetic fields. We have extensive experience in performing environmental impact assessment (EIA).

The Nuclear Engineering & Facility Safety Division is commissioned mainly by permitting and supervisory authorities and by international institutions. We have close contacts to international networks, and advise local authorities, political parties, labour unions, environmental NGOs and citizen’s action groups.