Energy & Climate

The principal aim of the Energy & Climate Division is to mitigate the environmental and nuclear risks arising from energy use. Our scientists work to craft an energy system that does without nuclear power, relying instead on efficient use of energy (conservation, cogeneration etc.) and on the deployment of low-carbon and renewable sources.

Climate protection has become an issue of ever greater importance in recent years. Our researchers appraise potentials, analyse material flows, draw up emissions inventories and forecasts, and generate energy and climate protection scenarios.

Our work further involves assessing energy and climate policy instruments such as flexible mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol, electricity certification schemes or cogeneration portfolio standards. Our scientists further strive to foster the sustainable development of towns, cities and regions by providing in-process support to programmes such as Local Agenda 21.

Our energy experts work not only within Germany, but also in the European Union, in Eastern Europe, the USA and several countries of Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia. We seek close cooperation with scientists and institutions in those countries and regions. Project teams integrate the expertise of engineers, natural scientists, economists and social scientists. Clients include national, regional and local authorities, companies and corporations, international institutions such as the European Commission, the European Parliament and development banks, as well as environmental NGOs.