Tenders & Contracts Department

Oeko-Institut processes more than 300 projects funded by third parties every year. Among our most important clients are ministries, public institutions, companies, the European Union and non-governmental organizations. In many projects the institute cooperates with partners in Germany and abroad.

The Tenders & Contracts Department serves as a constant point of contact for our researchers. It provides information to and advises project leaders on all formal and legal issues pertinent to tendering and application processes. The department provides assistance with the preparation of and calculations for tenders and applications for national and international projects. It checks contracts and tenders for the institute against current legal frameworks and ensures their compliance. In addition, the department provides support in the drafting of consortium contracts and of work contracts in projects for which Oeko-Institut is either the project coordinator or client.

It is also the task of the department to review and update the association’s insurance contracts.

The support provided the department, as one of the institute’s central services, enables the research divisions to focus their capacities on their environmental research activities.