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How a Transformation towards Sustainable Community Catering Can Succeed

Year of publication: 12 / 2019

Community catering or to use another common term especially in the American literature institutional foodservice plays a central role in changing our food system towards sustainability. Community catering establishments can bring about…

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Analysis and assessment of the design of an offsetting system for international aviation

authors: Schneider, L. | Cames, M. | Healy, S. | Keimeyer, F. | Schütte, S. | Fearnehough, H. | Warnecke, C. | Tewari, R. | Broekhoff, D. | La Hoz Theuer, S.
Year of publication: 11 / 2019

This discussion paper assesses how robust accounting could be implemented under the Paris Agreement in order to avoid double counting between nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for…

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Avoiding double counting between CORSIA and Nationally Determined Contributions

Options for accounting under the Paris Agreement

authors: Schneider, L. | Healy, S.
Year of publication: 11 / 2019

This discussion paper assesses how robust accounting could be implemented under the Paris Agreement in order to avoid double counting between nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for…

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Stories that Change Our World? Narratives of the Sustainable Economy

authors: Guske, A. | Jacob, K. | Hirschnitz-Garbers, M. | Peuckert, J. | Schridde, S. | Stinner, S. | Wolff, F. | Zahrnt, D. | Ziesemer, F.
Year of publication: 11 / 2019

Narratives are shaping our understanding of the world. They convey values and norms and point to desirable future developments. In this way, they justify and legitimize political actions and social practices. Once a narrative has emerged…

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Impact Assessment on the Environmental, Social and Economic Effects of the 2030 Sectoral Targets in the Federal Government’s Climate Action Plan 2050


authors: Repenning, J. | Schumacher, K. | Bergmann, T. | Blanck, R. | Böttcher, H. | Bürger, V. | Cludius, J. | Cook, V. | Emele, L. | Jörß, W. | Hennenberg, K. | Hermann, H. | Loreck, C. | Ludig, S. | Matthes, F. | Nissen, C. | Scheffler, M. | Wiegmann, K. | Zell-Ziegler, C. | Fleiter, T. | Fries, B. | Sievers, L. | Pfaff, M. | Thamling, N. | Rau, D. | Hartwig, J. | Welter, S. | Lösch, O. | Wirz, A.
Year of publication: 11 / 2019

The analyses highlighted three main issues:

  • The targets set for the various sectors can be achieved by means of a range of different strategies.
  • From a macroeconomic perspective, all implementation strategies covered by the study are…

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The role of the EU ETS in increasing EU climate ambition

Assessment of policy options

Year of publication: 10 / 2019

At present, the EU is targeting to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030, but this target falls short of meeting the targets of the Paris Agreement. A significant increase in the ambition of EU climate…

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Drivers and barriers of sustainability transformations

A comparison of the “Energiewende” and the attempted transformation to organic agriculture in Germany

authors: Heyen, D. | Wolff, F.
Year of publication: 08 / 2019

This article compares the drivers and barriers of two sustainability transformations in Germany: the energy transformation (“Energiewende”) andt he attempted transformation towards organic agriculture which has, so far, been less…

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Framework conditions and instruments for a sustainable governance of rural-urban linkages

authors: Wolff, F. | Mederake, L. | Sosath, O. | Westphal, I.
Year of publication: 08 / 2019

This (German language) report is part of the Ufoplan project “Rural Urban Nexus – Globally sustainable land use and urbanisation”. The project aims to develop an integrated approach for sustainable linkages between urban and rural areas…

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‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People’

Implications of the 6th UNEP Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-6) for German environmental and sustainability policy

authors: Jacob, K. | Wolff, F.
Year of publication: 03 / 2019

EEA Report No 20/2018

Renewable energy in Europe - 2018: Recent growth and knock-on effects

authors: Das, A. | Emele, L. | Meinke-Hubeny, F. | Moorkens, I. | Nissen, C. | Tomescu, M.
Year of publication: 12 / 2018

This report introduces several methods the European Environment Agency (EEA) has developed for assessing and communicating early RES growth and the important knock-on effects that RES growth has on the energy sector and related areas.…

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End-of-Life Management of Batteries in the Off-Grid Solar Sector

How to deal with hazardous battery waste from solar power projects in developing countries?

authors: Manhart, A. | Hilbert, I. | Magalini, F.
Year of publication: 10 / 2018

In order to achieve Sustainable Development Goal No. 7 on affordable and clean energy for all, many developing countries initiated ambitious energy access programs that are often supported by the international donor community. Many of…

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Lifecycle assessment of methyltetrahydrofuran, methylfuran and butanone as tailor-made fuel components

Accompanying environmental assessment within the Cluster Tailor-made fuels from Biomass at RWTH Aachen University

authors: Sutter, J. | Merz, C.
Year of publication: 09 / 2018

The Cluster “Tailor-made fuels from biomass” at RWTH Aachen University screens a wide variety of potential lignocellulose-based molecules with promising properties as fuel components. For four selected candidates detailed production…

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Effects on ELV waste management as a consequence of the decisions from the Stockholm Convention on decaBDE


authors: Mehlhart, G. | Möck, A. | Goldmann, D.
Year of publication: 09 / 2018

This study aims to assess the effects of the listing in 2017 of decabromodiphenyl ether (decaBDE) in Annex A to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) on the management of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).

This study…

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United by Football

Sustainability Concept UEFA EURO 2024 Germany

author: et al.
Year of publication: 08 / 2018

The German Football Association (DFB) unveiled its sustainability strategy for the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship, with environmental performance as one of its cornerstones alongside diversity, fair play and respect.

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Policies and measures to alleviate energy poverty in Germany - learning from good practices in other European countries

Oeko-Institut Working Paper 4/2018

authors: Cludius, J. | Hünecke, K. | Noka, V. | Schumacher, K. | Förster, H. | Kunert, D. | Fries, T.
Year of publication: 06 / 2018

The inability to heat or cool your home. Difficulty keeping the light on and appliances running. Restrictions in energy consumption. Worrying about energy bills. Potential Debt. This is how we can broadly understand energy poverty. It is…

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Organizational and management aspects in extended storage

Year of publication: 06 / 2018

2nd Workshop on Safety of Extended Dry Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel, June, 6 - 8 2018, Garching.

Notice that the information and views set out in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official…

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Impacts of the Allocation Mechanism Under the Third Phase of the European Emission Trading Scheme

authors: Eichhammer, W. | Friedrichsen, N. | Healy, S. | Schumacher, K.
Year of publication: 06 / 2018

This paper focuses on the following two key research questions in the context of the change in allocation rules in the move from Phase I/II (2005–2012) to Phase III (2013–2020) of the European Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS): First, how…

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“Let’s make a wish!” - Annual Report of the Oeko-Institut 2017

author: v. A.
Year of publication: 04 / 2018

Decentralization, regionalization and power lines

Metastudy about assumptions, insights and narratives for the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI)

Year of publication: 03 / 2018

Oeko-Institut metastudy commissioned by the Renewables Grid Initiative compares current studies looking at decentralised electricity systems and grid expansion: consequences and side effects of decentralised generation are often not…

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