The Oeko-Institut’s researchers work on more than 350 national and international projects a year, focusing on Chemicals Management and Technology Assessment, Energy and Climate, Emission and Ambient Pollution Control, Radiation Protection, Agriculture and Biodiversity, Sustainable Consumption, Mobility, Resource Management and Industry, Nuclear Engineering and Facility Safety, and Law, Policy and Governance.

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Study on Land-Sourced Litter (LSL) in the marine environment

Review of sources and literature

Project manager: Mehlhart, G.
End of project: 01 / 2012

The Oeko-Institut was commissioned to study existing literature, focusing its attention on three European seas, i.e. the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. All the available studies into land-sourced litter, i.e.…

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Advising the Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH on structure and design of the website `Veggie Guide` on the issue of climate and environmental impacts of nutrition

Project manager: Teufel, J.
End of project: 01 / 2012

Presenting the results of two UBA-ICT-studies to the International Expert Community

Project manager: Prakash, S.
End of project: 04 / 2012

Estimating the potential of consumer electronics devices in terms of energy and resource efficiency

Project manager: Prakash, S.
End of project: 09 / 2014

Update on the label-review: Evaluation of selected product groups according to environmental and social criteria

Project manager: Manhart, A.
End of project: 04 / 2012

Report on renewable cooling

Project manager: Kenkmann, T.
End of project: 04 / 2012

Support to the Commission for the determination of the list of sector and subsectors deemed to be exposed to a significant risk of carbon leakage for years 2015-2019 (EU emission Trading System)

Project manager: Graichen, V.
End of project: 11 / 2012

Technical expert services for the governmental control of the construction and operation of the uranium enrichment facility in Gronau (UAG)

Project manager: Kurth, S. | Küppers, C.
End of project: 12 / 2018

Urenco Deutschland GmbH is the operator of the uranium enrichment facility in Gronau, Westfalia (IUAG). For the UAG a safety assessment has to be performed every ten years. Due to the nuclear accident in Fukushima the date of the next…

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Workshop on Biofuels and Indirect Land Use Change

Project manager: Fritsche, U. | Brohmann, B.
End of project: 12 / 2011

Underestimation of the environmental risk by not considering overlapping uses of biocidal products: Cumultive exposure assessment and risk characterisation of biocidal products

Project manager: Groß, R.
End of project: 04 / 2014

Concept and implementation of participation measures for the approval procedure of the pump-storage power plant Blautal

Project manager: Barth, R.
End of project: 12 / 2015

The municipal utility company of Ulm/Neu-Ulm (SWU) are planning, together with another company (Eduard Merkle), a pump storage hydro power station in the Blautal region. The project has given rise to concerns among the surrounding…

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Development of a list of potential POP candidates for inclusion in the Stockholm Convention and continuing development of POP criteria - Which strategy should be adopted with the purpose to successfully identifying new POPs?

Project manager: Blepp, M.
End of project: 10 / 2012

Assistance to the Commission on technical, socio-economic and cost-benefit assessment related to exemptions from the substance restrictions in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS Directive)

Project manager: Zangl, S.
End of project: 09 / 2012

In the context of this project 20 exemptions will be evaluated. Furthermore, aguidance documet will be developed to help applicants to understand and apply the new requirements of the revised RoHS Directive as well as a standard…

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Investigation of the effects related to selected nanotechnology-based products on resource and energy requirements

Project manager: Möller, M.
End of project: 03 / 2013

The general objective of the study is to describe the anticipated future resource and energy requirements of the most promising nanotechnology applications and products both in qualitative terms and, as far as possible, in quantitative…

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Nano materials: Impacts on environment and health

Project manager: Möller, M.
End of project: 12 / 2012

Objectives of the study

  • To provide an overview of present/future products and applications containing nanomaterials that may benefit or damage the environment· To determine which nanomaterials are relevant to health and environment, and…

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Contributions in the pilot phase of the introduction of periodic safety reviews in interim storage facilities for spent fuel and heat generating wastes

Project manager: Schmidt, G.
End of project: 11 / 2013

For interim storage facilities for spent fuel and heat generating wastes periodic safety reviews have to be performed, according to the Nuclear Law. The advisory commission ESK has prepared a guideline in respect to the content and…

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Scientific consultation on the implementation of Directive 125/2009/EG (Ecodesign) and Directive 2010/30/EU (Energy labelling)

Project manager: Quack, D.
End of project: 03 / 2015

Support for the impact assessment of a possible legislative proposal to revise Regulation (EC) No. 842/2006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases

Project manager: Herold, A.
End of project: 03 / 2012

Open Climate Network

Project manager: Förster, H.
End of project: 06 / 2012

Conformity Study for Germany: Directive 2006/118/EC on the protection of groundwater against pollution and deterioration

Project manager: Schütte, S.
End of project: 08 / 2011
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