The Oeko-Institut’s researchers work on more than 350 national and international projects a year, focusing on Chemicals Management and Technology Assessment, Energy and Climate, Emission and Ambient Pollution Control, Radiation Protection, Agriculture and Biodiversity, Sustainable Consumption, Mobility, Resource Management and Industry, Nuclear Engineering and Facility Safety, and Law, Policy and Governance.

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Briefing on "Key issues at stake at the 69th session of the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee"

Project manager: Cames, M.
End of project: 04 / 2016

Simulation calculations of xenon isotopic activity ratios for integrated decision tools to detect nuclear test explosions

Project manager: Englert, M.
End of project: 11 / 2016

Briefing on "Issues at stake at the 10th session of the ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP10)

Project manager: Cames, M.
End of project: 01 / 2016

Nuclear safety in crisis areas - stroke of luck or GAU?

Project manager: Ustohalova, V.
End of project: 06 / 2016

The use of nuclear energy requires an extensive institutional and physical infrastructure based on stable national and international relations. Conversely, international or national conflicts can intentionally or by accident lead to…

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Business Consulting Strategy – The Role of the Oeko-Institute

Project manager: Scherf, C.
End of project: 12 / 2016

RES Mainstreaming: Study on the impact assessment for a new Directive mainstreaming deployment of renewable energy and ensuring that the EU meets its 2030 renewable energy target

Project manager: Bauknecht, D.
End of project: 09 / 2017

Expertise on questions regarding the site selection process for a German HAW repository in support of a working group of the German Endlagerkommission (ELK)

Project manager: Alt, S.
End of project: 06 / 2016

During the decisive phase of consultation within the German Commission on High Level Waste Disposal ("Endlagerkommission"), Oeko-Institute provided intense support the Commission's "working group on societal and technical/scientific…

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Calculating LULUCF credits with high environmental integrity and calculating this as a percentage of additional effort

Project manager: Böttcher, H.
End of project: 03 / 2016

Resource Efficiency in the ICT Sector

Project manager: Manhart, A.

Study to assess 2 RoHS new exemption requests: #1 for lead in bearings and bushes of professional-use non-road equipment engines #2 for lead in solders used for Peltier thermal cyclers used for in-vitro diagnostic analyzers

Project manager: Baron, Y.
End of project: 08 / 2016

Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment provides “that EEE placed on the market, including cables and spare parts for its repair, its reuse,…

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Biodiversity criteria in public procurement and in the building sector - feasibility study & plans for action

Project manager: Teufel, J.
End of project: 10 / 2017

The consideration of biodiversity in the context of public procurement could have positive effects in terms of biodiversity conservation at various levels, and contribute to the national biodiversity strategy. However, there is in…

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UBA Procurement 2015 - Elaboration of scientific principles to promote the inclusion of environmental criteria in the award of contracts by public authorities

Project manager: Gröger, J.
End of project: 02 / 2019

The aim of the project is to support the Federal Environment Agency in its diverse activities with regard to the further promotion of an eco-friendly public procurement. In the course of the project, various work tasks are to be…

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Blue Angel for thermal insulation composite systems - Further development of the ecological criteria for the promotion of increased use of biocide-free plasters and coatings

Project manager: Blepp, M.
End of project: 12 / 2018

The project aims at further developing the sustainability criteria for external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) with a view to the award of the Blue Angel in order to adequately reflect the great significance of EIFS as an…

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Instruments for environmentally sustainable regulation of subterranean resource extraction – INSTRO

Project manager: Keimeyer, F.
End of project: 11 / 2018

The project “Instruments for environmentally sustainable regulation of raw materials extraction – INSTRO” focused on German law and examined how mining projects and other subterranean uses can be carried out in a more environmentally…

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To publication "Recht der Rohstoffgewinnung – Reformbausteine für eine Stärkung des Umwelt- und Ressourcenschutzes im Berg-, Abgrabungs- und Raumordnungsrecht" To publication "Rohstoffbedarfsplanung – Konzeptionelle Eckpunkte eines Instruments zur ressourcen- und flächensparenden Rohstoffgewinnung"

Ultrasonic testing indications in the Beznau nuclear power plant

Project manager: Küppers, C.
End of project: 01 / 2016

In 2015, ultrasonic testing indications were discovered in the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) of the Beznau nuclear power plant unit 1 that requires a new verification of the structural integrity by the operator. The Oeko-Institute was…

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New developments in safety-related aspects of the long term storage of spent fuel and vitrified high-level wastes

Project manager: Neles, J.
End of project: 06 / 2018

This project analyses new developments in managing non-technical ageing aspects of extended interim storage in a national and international context. Extended interim storage is the consequence of the absence of a suitable final…

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Supply of statistical services: Reach Baseline Study - 10 years update

Project manager: Bunke, D.
End of project: 01 / 2017

The project consortium will support the European Commission with a 10 years update of the REACH Baseline Study (“third snapshot”). The central aim of this update is an analysis of the changes following the registration of additional…

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Drawing up of a best practice guide for the project "Avoidance of food waste in facilities of the catering and foodservice sector"

Project manager: Antony, F.
End of project: 12 / 2016

The aim of the project is to quantify for different types of catering services the environmental impact and improvement potentials along the various stages of the process, as well as to create for educational purposes a best practice…

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Collection of data on laptop standards, as well as development of assessment criteria for further product groups in the project "Quality check of sustainability standards"

Project manager: Teufel, J.
End of project: 04 / 2016

In March 2013, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) was commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with the project "Quality check of sustainability standards". The aim of the…

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Study on Technical Assistance in Realisation of the 2016 Report on Renewable Energy, in preparation of Renewable Energy Package for the Period 2020-2030 in the European Union

Project manager: Bauknecht, D.
Project staff:  Hesse, T.
End of project: 08 / 2017
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