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Expert opinion on the German Building Energy Act and the EPBD

Project manager: Köhler, B. | Braungardt, S.
Start of project: 12 / 2021

Climate neutrality in 2045, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout Germany by 65 % compared to 1990 and a reduction of greenhouse gases in the building sector to 67 million tonnes in 2030, measured according to the source…

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Service Contract to provide analytical support to the Commission's follow up work on its proposals

Project manager: Braungardt, S.
Start of project: 11 / 2021

National phaise-out regulations for fossil fuel heating

Project manager: Braungardt, S.
Start of project: 06 / 2021

Renewable Heating and Cooling Pathways, Measures and Milestones for the implementation of the recast Renewable Energy Directive and full decarbonisation by 2050

Study on behalf of DG ENER

Project manager: Braungardt, S.
Start of project: 11 / 2020

Heating and cooling (H&C) account for around half of the EU energy use, with space heating taking the largest share of the EU’s final energy demand for H&C, followed by process heating and hot water. The EU H&C sector is largely based…

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Renewable Space Heating unter the Revised Renewable Energy Directive

Project manager: Braungardt, S.
Start of project: 12 / 2019

Update report on renewable cooling

Project manager: Braungardt, S.
End of project: 05 / 2018

This report collects background information on current and future cooling demand in the EU as well as renewable cooling technologies and discusses possible methodological approaches for calculating renewable cooling in the…

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