The Oeko-Institut’s researchers work on more than 350 national and international projects a year, focusing on Chemicals Management and Technology Assessment, Energy and Climate, Emission and Ambient Pollution Control, Radiation Protection, Agriculture and Biodiversity, Sustainable Consumption, Mobility, Resource Management and Industry, Nuclear Engineering and Facility Safety, and Law, Policy and Governance.

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Scientific monitoring of 100 green productions as part of the sustainability initiative of the working group "Green Shooting"

Project manager: Rüdenauer, I.
Project staff:  López Hernández, V. | Gensch, C. | Prieß, R.
End of project: 12 / 2021

The German film industry is implementing a joint sustainability initiative in 2020/2021 through the working group "Green Shooting". In a pilot phase, the members have committed themselves to 100 ecologically sustainable productions…

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Sustainable, long-term stimulus to overcome the economic consequences of the Corona crisis (especially for SMEs)

Project manager: Cames, M.
Project staff:  Prieß, R.
End of project: 06 / 2020

The aim of the present paper is to make proposals for sustainable economic stimuli for a sustainable stimulus package. To this end, previous economic stimulus packages launched in the wake of the financial and economic crisis of…

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Sustainable utilization of resources – requirements for a sustainable bio-based economy

Project staff:  López Hernández, V.
End of project: 03 / 2020

The aim of the project is the analysis and discussion of different paths of bioeconomics against the background of a sustainable use of resources. Based on an analysis of existing political bioeconomic strategies, an analysis of social…

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Product Environmental Footprint – Further development and application

Project manager: Prieß, R.
Project staff:  Antony, F.
Start of project: 09 / 2017

The objective of the research project is to monitor, at European level, the further development of the European Commission’s PEF process and of the PEFCRs developed within its framework, as well as of the proposed communication formats…

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Empowering stakeholders to deliver highly energy efficient professional cold products (ProCold) - Study within the framework programme Horizon 2020 of the European Commission

Project manager: Prieß, R.
End of project: 01 / 2018

The general objective of the project is to empower private stakeholders and public authorities in adapting and enforcing EU and national energy efficiency policies in the sector of professional cold products.A specific objective is to…

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