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Study on "The COP27 Climate Change Conference Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt"

Project manager: Moosmann, L.
Start of project: 05 / 2022

Service contract for support to the development of monitoring, reporting and verification modalities, procedures and guidelines under the UNFCCC, and to the participation by the EU in UNFCCC technical reviews

Project manager: Moosmann, L.
Start of project: 07 / 2020

Further support to the preparation of an implementing act and a delegated act in the climate field under the Regulation of the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action

Project manager: Moosmann, L.
End of project: 07 / 2020

In-depth analysis on international climate negiotiations in view of the COP 25 UN Climate Change Conference in Santiago (December 2019)

Project manager: Moosmann, L.
Start of project: 06 / 2019

Analysis, aggregation and assessment of Member States' information on climate finance received under the Monitoring Mechanism Regulation (MMR)

Project manager: Moosmann, L.
Start of project: 08 / 2018
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