The Oeko-Institut’s researchers work on more than 350 national and international projects a year, focusing on Chemicals Management and Technology Assessment, Energy and Climate, Emission and Ambient Pollution Control, Radiation Protection, Agriculture and Biodiversity, Sustainable Consumption, Mobility, Resource Management and Industry, Nuclear Engineering and Facility Safety, and Law, Policy and Governance.

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Expert opinion regarding the approval for the conditioning and interim storage of radioactive waste of third parties in the interim storage facility 'Zwischenlager Nord (ZLN)'

Project manager: Küppers, C.
End of project: 10 / 2017

In the Zwischenlager Nord (ZLN) also wastes of third parties are stored, which are to be conditioned there. It is examined whether a maximum duration of interim storage of waste from third parties at the ZLN extended from 5 years to 10…

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Transport and transfer behaviour of long-lived Radionuclides along the causal chain groundwater-soil-surface-plant taking into account long-term climatic changes

Project manager: Ustohalova, V.
Start of project: 09 / 2017

The project focuses on the generation of reliable data with regard to the repository safety and on the estimation of the expected public exposure arising from the agricultural land use in the area of the repository far field in a long…

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Setting an Emissions Cap for Mexico's Emission Trading System

Project manager: Healy, S.
End of project: 11 / 2017

The Mexican government is currently analyzing and identifying the necessary policies and actions for achieving their NDC. The Climate Change Law (LGCC, 2012) allows the Ministry for the Environment (SEMARNAT), with the participation of…

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Product Environmental Footprint – Further development and application

Project manager: Prieß, R.
Project staff:  Antony, F.
Start of project: 09 / 2017

The objective of the research project is to monitor, at European level, the further development of the European Commission’s PEF process and of the PEFCRs developed within its framework, as well as of the proposed communication formats…

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Evaluation EU import data for HFCs from different sources to support the implementation of the F-gas Regulation

Project manager: Jörß, W.
End of project: 11 / 2017

Evaluating the impact of Energy Management Systems (EnMS)

Project manager: Köhler, A.
End of project: 11 / 2017

Evaluating the impact of Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and the alternative systems specified in Annex 2 to the German regulation “Spitzenausgleich-Effizienzsystemverordnung (SpaEfV)” on ener-gy efficiency, the reduction of the…

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SME innovative – collaborative project on resource efficiency: UpcyclePET - Development of innovative processes and formulations designed for the upcycling of PET-bottles and blister recyclates for high-tech plastic applications, TV 2: assessment of susta

Project manager: Köhler, A.
End of project: 07 / 2019

The aim of this project is the development of a resource-efficient and at the same time economic procedure tailored to the upgrading of PET for the production of long glass fiber-reinforced plastics which are the basis of PET bottles.…

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Data collection on the environmental impact of cloud computing (eco-cloud computing) on the basis of a life-cycle approach

Project manager: Gröger, J.
Start of project: 08 / 2017

In the project, tools will be developed on the basis of LCA methods in order to determine the environmental impact of data centers. In this context, allocation rules are being developed in order to be able to allocate the consumption…

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Analysis and aggregation of Member States information on climate finance received unter the Monitoring Mechanism Regualation (MMR)

Project manager: Herold, A.
Project staff:  Siemons, A.
End of project: 03 / 2018

Study on updating data underpinning the Green Vision Scenario

Project manager: Matthes, F.
End of project: 09 / 2017

Briefing for the ENVI delegataion to the Porto Marghera refinery in Venice on 17-19 July 2017

Project manager: Herold, A.
Project staff:  Siemons, A.
End of project: 07 / 2017

Zero-Emissions heavy duty freight vehicles

Project manager: Hacker, F.
End of project: 12 / 2018

Briefing on "The key issues at stake at the 71th session of the IMO MEPC 71"

Project manager: Graichen, J.
End of project: 07 / 2017

Thinking ahead regarding sustainable consumption: Evaluation and advancement of measures and instruments

Project manager: Grießhammer, R.
Start of project: 07 / 2017

In early 2016, the German Federal Government has adopted the National Programme on Sustainable Consumption which lists 172 measures for how Germany wants intends to achieve more sustainable consumption patterns. The programme…

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Municipalities innovative living spaces

Instruments for a need-oriented use of living spaces in municipalities, subproject 1

Project manager: Fischer, C.
Start of project: 06 / 2017

The District of Steinfurt is a rural area, characterized primarily by single- and two-family houses in private ownership. More and more elderly, often single people are living there in old, non-barrier-free buildings with poor…

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Evaluation of sustainability standards in the leather, textiles,  detergents and cleaning agents product groups  in the context of the "Quality check sustainability standards" project of the BMZe BMZ

Project manager: Moch, K.
End of project: 10 / 2017

In 2013, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) was commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with the project "Quality check of sustainability standards". The aim of the…

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Analysis of existing safety deficits of the AKW Cattenom

Project manager: Pistner, C.
End of project: 01 / 2018

Renewable electricity for transport in the context of the Renewable Energy Directive

Project staff:  Timpe, C.
End of project: 06 / 2017

Maintenance and development of internet databsae with renewable energies support schemes and related information (RES Legal Europe Maintenance)

Project manager: Bauknecht, D.
End of project: 10 / 2018

Blue Angel – A national ecolabel with international impact – Updating of the internationalization strategy and cooperation with other type I ecolabels

Project manager: Prakash, S.
Start of project: 04 / 2017

The overall objective of the project is to establish type I ecolabels worldwide, in particular the Blue Angel, in order to provide the consumer with reliable information on environmental and sustainability characteristics of products,…

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