Transport and transfer behaviour of long-lived Radionuclides along the causal chain groundwater-soil-surface-plant taking into account long-term climatic changes

The project focuses on the generation of reliable data with regard to the repository safety and on the estimation of the expected public exposure arising from the agricultural land use in the area of the repository far field in a long time period up to one million years. For this reason, experimental investigations of the migration and accumulation of long-living radionuclides in the upper soil layers and their transfer into the plants along the root path shall be carried out. These experiments are to be complemented by suitable model approaches whereby the long term climate changes and their impact on the soil parameters will be investigated. These model-parameters will be used within the subsequent refined modelling of the radionuclide transport from the contaminated ground water into the upper soil layers and also implemented into the modelling of the radionuclide sorption and speciation in several soils by assuming several soil management scenarios. The model will be validated by the parallel experimental investigation.