Transformative strategies for an integrated urban quarter development: plans of action and assessment of options for German high-influx cities (so-called "Schwarmstädte")

This collaborative project aims at developing integrated visions of the future, addressing the existing target conflicts from the perspective of municipalities and citizens. The project develops concrete recommendations for action at both municipal and national level. In concrete terms, a model is to be developed in a participatory process - involving municipalities and citizens - and scenarios are to be drawn up that allow for assessing various options of urban quarter development. The work is directly related to a development area in the city of Darmstadt (Cabrai-Fritsch-area) and in the city of Griesheim. The project is being conducted by Oeko-Institut in cooperation with scientific partners, i.e. ILS, Dortmund and difu, Berlin as well as the municipalities of Darmstadt and Griesheim. As regards the communication with stakeholders, the team is being supported by team ewen and the Schaderstiftung (both Darmstadt).