Towards an overall measurement methodology of the carbon and energy footprints of the ICT sector - SMART 2011/0073

The objective of this review is to perform an exhaustive analysis of all the initiatives which are explicitly designed for or could be applicable to measuring the GHG emissions and energy consumption of the ICT sector.

The study should analyse existing reporting methodologies and initiatives, reporting on the risk and benefits associated with each, and proposing a framework methodology if necessary.

The study should also work closely with key stakeholders and experts, include the Commission’s ICT for Energy Efficiency Experts Panel, and should seek their input for its analysis.

The project grouping understands that the final objective is to provide recommendations to the Commission to assist them in developing policy options to address the current lack of a ‘universal’ approach to measuring and reporting the GHG and energy footprint of the ICT sector (including all phases of the life cycle as well as products, companies and services