Together for environmentally sound consumption - information, communication and international cooperation

From a sustainability perspective, the achievement of a change of direction towards more sustainable production and consumption patterns presents an urgent problem which has to be addressed under high time pressure. This is especially true for the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity. The consumption patterns prevalent in industrialised and emerging countries go hand in hand with the rapid destruction of natural and near-natural ecosystems and the loss of biodiversity.
The project aims to reduce the negative impacts of consumption on biodiversity and ecosystem services. The primary target group of the project are actors and decision-makers in politics, business and civil society. The project aims to generate more awareness of the impact of consumption on biodiversity among the target group at the international level.
For this purpose, a new international "Working Group on Biodiversity Communication" is to be established within the Consumer Information Programme of the 10YFP. This group is to promote the topic of biodiversity and consumption, particularly through information, communication and the promotion of international cooperation, and to encourage implementation. The activities of the working group aim to encourage an international target group (politics, business and civil society) to take measures themselves (e.g. change procurement) and also to activate, communicate and inform about the impacts of consumption on biodiversity.

The working group is supported, among others, by conducting a status quo analysis on the topic of information, communication and international cooperation for sustainable consumption to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services worldwide. Based on this, a comprehensive toolkit and an appealing set of information materials will be developed together with the working group members in a participatory process. These serve to inform, sensitise and activate an international field of actors on the topic of sustainable and nature-compatible consumption through concrete recommendations and instructions for action.