Sustainable utilization of resources – requirements for a sustainable bio-based economy

The aim of the project is the analysis and discussion of different paths of bioeconomics against the background of a sustainable use of resources. Based on an analysis of existing political bioeconomic strategies, an analysis of social discourses on the topic and a trend analysis of existing bioeconomic paths, the project will take up the current debates on bioeconomic policy and enrich them with specific scientific contributions and events for a sustainable orientation of bioeconomic policies. The different fields of action are not viewed in isolation from one another in order to understand, weigh up and, as far as possible, avoid negative effects of bioeconomics on other areas of sustainability ("conflicts of objectives"). In this way, the project aims to broaden the systemic understanding of bioeconomics.

In concrete terms, the project identifies opportunities and assesses risks that may arise from advancing bioeconomic strategies for achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) and, in particular, their operationalisation. On this basis, requirements for a sustainable, resource-conserving bioeconomy are identified and recommendations for prioritizing and designing policy measures for the implementation of SDGs in the context of bioeconomic strategies are derived. In this way, the results should contribute to the further development of concrete environmental policy tasks, programmes and (bioeconomic) strategies.