Sustainable, long-term stimulus to overcome the economic consequences of the Corona crisis (especially for SMEs)

The aim of the present paper is to make proposals for sustainable economic stimuli for a sustainable stimulus package. To this end, previous economic stimulus packages launched in the wake of the financial and economic crisis of 2008/2009 in Germany and other countries are analysed and recommendations are derived. Individual approaches, measures and their evaluation are summarised in the form of fact sheets. On the other hand, based on the methodology presented and the analysis of sector-specific as well as cross-sectoral challenges in the current situation and corona pandemic and of proposals introduced into the discussion, possible sustainable economic stimulus measures are identified, analysed, evaluated and described in the form of fact sheets. The proposals do not claim to provide an overall concept for an economic stimulus package, but rather provide suggestions for further elements and/or the design of proposals already under discussion. Finally, the project provides a brief qualitative assessment of the Coalition Committee's decision on the contents of a stimulus package published during the project period.