Support to the Energy Union Governance process, including for the assessment of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans

Öko-Institut team: Dr. Hannah Förster, Lukas Emele, Felix Fallasch, Sabine Gores, Jakob Graichen, Dr. Matthias Koch, Lorenz Moosmann, Victoria Liste, Viktoria Noka, Christian Winger

The project consortium supports the European Commission in the evaluation of the national energy and climate plans (NECPs). The evaluation is carried out once for the drafts and once for the final NECPs. It includes a compilation of the national data necessary for the analysis of the achievement of objectives at EU level. 

The consortium delivering the work is Ricardo Energy & Environment (lead), the Flemish Institute of Technologic Research, Öko-Institut, the Regulatory Assistence Project and Umweltbundesamt Wien. This project is funded by European Commission (DG ENER).