Support in the preparatory work for ecodesign and energy labelling measures including tyres labelling and Energy Star labelling programme from: Lot 1: Consumer NGOs: stakeholder representation

The overall goal of this project is to ensure that the views of the European consumer organisations are represented and taken into account by decision-makers at EU level within the decision-making process for regulations in the context of Ecodesign, Energy Labelling, the EU Energy Star Programme and tyre labelling.

Nevertheless, consumer organisations do not have sufficient resources and expertise to adequately follow up the numerous and product-specific technical discussions of the preparatory work on implementing measures. In order to ensure that meaningful input is provided, Oeko-Institut as independent technical expert provides scientific product-specific support to BEUC to complement their own internal expertise. This comprosises the analysis and assessment of preparatory studies and draft regulatory working documents for Consultation Forum (CF) meetings, as well as participation in stakeholder meetings and CF meetings. Product groups covered are inter alia computers and computer servers, household washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers, and others.

BEUC - the European consumers' organisation (lead) in cooperation with Öko-Institut e.V.