Strategies for ecologically-driven structural change towards a Green Economy

The fundamental goals of the project (running from 2018 to 2020) are:

1. The collection and application of criteria for the identification of business sectors / technologies in which fundamental structural change is inevitable given long-term environmental policy goals and / or environmental mega-trends.

An analysis and evaluation of selected branches based on ecological and economic criteria is conducted.

2. The development of strategies and practical recommendations for action to proactively govern and support ecologically-driven structural change.

Apart from a literature-based analysis on influencing/success factors from past and current structural change processes inland and abroad, we conduct three case studies. Two of these case studies look at economically significant (sub-)branches (automobile and chemical industries) which are expected to be significantly altered by ecological structural change. The third case study looks at an innovative sector (second use of batteries from electric mobility as stationary energy storages) with potential for both environmental relief as well as economic performance and job opportunities.