Socio-technical and behavioural aspects of energy efficiency improvement in the heating sector

Based on existing studies, the project aims to gain insights into the "Acceptance of grid-bound heat supply" (subject area 1) and the "Socio-technical and behavioural aspects of building energy management" (subject area 2). These will be discussed with existing obstacles and compared with the existing set of instruments. Based on this, possible new instruments, and measures to achieve this goal (acceptance and behavioural change) will be designed.

In subject area 2, an experimental-transdisciplinary setting combines research and practice. Together with practice partners (6 properties), approaches for increasing efficiency are jointly developed, tested, and evaluated. The practical phase will run for two years and will start in summer 2022. In this context, the experimental-transdisciplinary setting should not only help to find new instruments and tailor-made measures. The findings are to be used to overcome obstacles affecting building and energy management as quickly as possible, and in the process to show ways in which energy-efficient facility operation can be made to work by facility management.

Project partner: Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE