Social nature - practical perspectives and integrated policy modules

The project pursues two parallel goals: On the one hand, practical cooperation between actors from the nature conservation and social sectors is to be further developed and strengthened. Existing networks are to be used for this purpose. On the other hand, concrete projects for improved policy integration of nature conservation and social issues are to be developed. These should go beyond participation formats and address political processes. Among other things, the results shall be taken into account in the further development of the German Biodiversity Strategy.

To this end, the study analyses cooperation between actors from the social and nature conservation sectors. This includes project cooperation, strategic cooperation and approaches to policy integration. Further, four workshops will be held with actors from both fields in order to develop exemplary synergies. The fields of action envisaged are agriculture and food, urban development and housing, energy and a further field of action. Finally, the study will examine the coherence of current social policy and nature conservation policy and develop proposals for policy integration.