SME innovative – collaborative project on resource efficiency: UpcyclePET - Development of innovative processes and formulations designed for the upcycling of PET-bottles and blister recyclates for high-tech plastic applications, TV 2: assessment of susta

The aim of this project is the development of a resource-efficient and at the same time economic procedure tailored to the upgrading of PET for the production of long glass fiber-reinforced plastics which are the basis of PET bottles. For this purpose, in the context of this project, skills from material and process development have been specifically translated into an integrated manufacturing process for long glass fiber-reinforced PET. Oeko-Institut e. V. will perform economic and ecological research on PET waste streams and analyze the sustainability effects achieved (resources, energy and CO2 savings, reliability of supply etc.). Furthermore, Oeko-Institute will compare the resource efficiency of the “virgin material of short fiber-reinforced PA” with that of “upcycled PET”.