Review of the Eco-innovation Action Plan (EcoAP)

The increasing number of environmental challenges and resource constraints worldwide have led to growing demand for environmental technologies, products and services and have facilitated the emergence of green industries. Europe`s first major initiative to boost eco-innovation came in 2004 under the form of the Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP). ETAP focused on the further development and use of environmental technologies. Its goal was to tackle the various financial, economic and institutional barriers hindering growth of these technologies, as well as to encourage their market adoption. Launched by the European Commission in December 2011, this Action Plan aims to promote eco-innovation, moving the EU beyond green technologies and fostering a comprehensive range of eco-innovative processes, products and services. The plan focuses on developing stronger and broader eco-innovation actions across and beyond Europe. As a response to the economic and financial crisis, this strategy focuses on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and aims to support the transition to a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy. The European Commission has selected a consortium led by IDEA Consult to conduct a detailed review of the Eco-Innovation Action Plan. The ultimate objective is to review the specific objectives of the EcoAP and to indicate potential revisions and enhancements in order to obtain a more effective implementation of the Action Plan in the future, including potential new focus areas. Given the new policy reality, the review will identify and evaluate new policy options for the future, taking into account the new environmental, climate, societal and economic challenges that lay ahead.