Market surveillance of the German eco label 'Blue Angel'

The aim of the project is to develop and test a concept for a market surveillance programme for the environmental label “Blue Angel”. To this purpose, the market surveillance systems of existing eco-labels are being investigated in work package 1 in order to identify promising approaches which can potentially be transferred to the Blue Angel. In WP 2, the concept of market surveillance for the Blue Angel will be developed, and tested in WP 3 by using four selected product groups. WP 4 will evaluate the experiences made, pursuing two objectives: (1) review and adaptation of the market surveillance concept, and (2) identification of possible connections during the revision of the award criteria and compliance verification in the respective product groups. Finally, a concluding conference will be convened in WP 5 to disseminate the results.

Oeko-Institut e.V. in cooperation with TÜV Nord AG