Legal conditions for a general sustainability label

The implementation of a nanoproduct register as an instrument to increase the transparency on the use of nanomaterials in the EU and to ensure the regulatory oversight on nanomaterials has been discussed for quite a time. Reasons to implement a register are the uncertainties concerning the evaluation of the possible risks of nanomaterials for human health and the environment and the lack of knowledge of consumers and authorities regarding the use and concentration of nanomaterials in products. In June 2012 the German Federal Environment Agency has published a “Concept of a European Register of Products Containing Nanomaterials” (ENPR). According to the concept the manufacturer and importer of nanomaterial containing products with a likely exposure of nanomaterials to human beings and the environment should notify them to a single European register. It is the aim of this study to analyze the impacts of such an ENPR. Therefore sectors and companies concerned by an ENPR were identified and the number of notifiers and notifications, categories of substances, concerned mixtures and articles were estimated. Based on that result theadministrative costs for notifiers and the competent authority for an ENPR were quantified and the benefits of an ENPR for public authorities, consumers and notifiers described.