Kopernikus project Ariadne - Evidence-Based Assessment for the Design of the German Energy System Transformation - Subproject Sectoral Focus analysis heat transition: Identification and evaluation of instruments

Ariadne - The common thread through the energy transition

Climate targets alone are no guarantee of success. To achieve them, concrete measures must be taken. The project aims to show ways through the complex detailed issues of the energy transition. Decision-making problems in politics will be specifically addressed. In addition, debates with politicians, stakeholders and citizens will be initiated, as the energy transition can only succeed in a joint learning process. In this way, the project will develop target-oriented measures and options for policymakers.

Focus Analysis heat transition:

The focus analysis on the heat transition is divided into a total of nine tasks. The Öko-Institut is involved in four of these tasks. The Öko-Institut's contributions focus on the identification and description of instruments for building energy efficiency and the evaluation of instruments with regard to robustness and target achievement as well as the development of alternatives.

An analysis of the gaps in the heat transition and, derived from this, the identification of policy instruments to close them is carried out. The instruments to be considered include further developments in regulatory law, fiscal instruments such as tax law and subsidies, information/advice, technology and industrial policy measures, and others - such as municipal energy master planning. The instruments are quantified and divided into three time horizons in terms of their impact:

1. short-term measures: 2020 - 2025,
2. medium-term measures: 2025 - 2035, and
3. long-term measures: 2035 - 2050.

In addition, an analysis and presentation of the legal implications of instruments in the heat sector is provided. Here, an impact network is developed in order to be able to evaluate the mutual influence of measures.

A final assessment of the instruments is made with regard to their robustness, regulatory feasibility, their embedding in the legal framework and target achievement, as well as the development of possible alternatives. As main products of the Focus Analysis Heat Transition, two reports are to be written: 1st an "Analysis of Critical Pathways of the Heat Transition and Options on Solutions in the Building Sector" as basis for the Green Paper, and 2nd an "Assessment of Instruments for the Heat Transition in the Building Sector" as basis for the White Paper. In addition, two "policy briefs" and probably additional short dossiers on important instruments, distribution effects, acceptance and digitalization are planned.

Detailed information about the project and publications can be found on the project-website: https://ariadneprojekt.de/