Implementation of the Sustainable Assessment Framework (SASF) in the global ICT industry

Initiated by GeSI and launched in February 2015, the Sustainability Assessment Framework (SASF) project set itself the ambitious goal of developing a comprehensive assessment tool to evaluate the sustainability performance of ICT products and services. The design of the framework was shaped through a transdisciplinary process which included workshops and online conferences with GeSI members as well as external stakeholders. In late 2015, a pilot program was launched, in which a number of GeSI companies tested a draft version of the SASF for robustness and practicality within a business environment. In conclusion, SASF is a product assessment based on four pillars: human rights, environment, utility and benefits.

With the Sustainability Assessment Framework (SASF), the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) enables ICT companies to evaluate the sustainability performance of their products and services.

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