Focal point global supply chains: sustainability challenges and mitigation strategies

Many products and resources processed and consumed in Germany stem from a complex global supply chain. These supply chains, not least due to cost advantages, often originate in countries of the global south, where environmental and social standards are poor. A large number of private actions and initiatives have been established to compensate for national governance deficits in this area. This project assesses the effectiveness of these initiatives in addressing critical areas of supply chains, and will present examples of good practices. In addition to the above-mentioned governance deficit, the distribution of power, inadequate involvement of stakeholders and insufficient transparency, among other factors, have been identified as problem areas in supply chains. Our analysis has shown that there is no one initiative which has been able to address all problem areas, as each offers only a specific solution approach. Thus, the sustainability of global supply chains can only be achieved when private initiatives are supported by government regulations and a change in consumption behavior.