Extension of the product lifespan through the enforcement of consumer rights

The aim of the project is to raise awareness among consumers about their rights relating to an extension of product usage and life-time to achieve an increased enforcement of consumer rights. The following sub-objectives have been defined:

  • raising awareness for the topic of usage and lifetime of products
  • improving the individual information base for consumers
  • facilitated access to individual and general information through a target group-specific approach
  • visualizing relevant contact persons and advisory services for consumers
  • increasing the consumers’ knowledge about their rights
  • support for individual purchase decisions – with respect, inter alia, to product usage and lifetime
  • reinforcing the motivation of consumers to enforce their rights with respect to product usage and life

The target groups for which the materials produced in the context of the project are prepared in close coordination with UBA and UBA’s public relations department under consideration of UBA’s corporate design and in a consumer-related, attractive, clear and comprehensible way are the following:

  • young consumers (pupils and students)
  • the Internet generation of consumers living in own households with their own income
  • consumers without access to the Internet (including socially deprived income groups)