Expertise on the evaluation of radiologic doses on the tailings disposal facility Trünzig/Seelingstädt

The tailings disposal facility Trünzig in the district of Greiz (Thuringia) contains waste from uranium milling and is currently covered by Wismut GmbH and brought to a stable state. On the facility, which was not publicly accessible so far, different land uses are possible in the future. Among these are sporting activities, planting wood and forestry, pedestrian walkways as well as agricultural and energy use. The District of Greiz has commissioned Oeko-Institut to determine the radiologic consequences of such uses and to evaluate the results. The expertise identifies allowable uses of the area, calculates radiation doses for the different pathways and evaluates those consequences. The most advantageous use is greenland and cattle grazing, combined with certain sporting actities. Other uses have more disadvantages or are to be avoided because of their adverse impact on the cover and tailings isolation.