Expertise on questions regarding the site selection process for a German HAW repository in support of a working group of the German Endlagerkommission (ELK)

During the decisive phase of consultation within the German Commission on High Level Waste Disposal ("Endlagerkommission"), Oeko-Institute provided intense support the Commission's "working group on societal and technical/scientific decision-making criteria and criteria for corrective measures" ("WG 3"), thus addressing several aspects of the site selection process. In doing so, the WG's consultation process as well as the consultation process of the Commission has been carefully assessed, expert reports and contributions of WG members evaluated, additional sources inquired, in order to present written input for the further consultation and aiming at facilitating the formulation of contributions the Commission's final report. WG Meetings have been regularly attended, and dealt with more extensively during the follow-up process , in close consultation with the WG's Chairmen. The contributions of Oeko-Institute are summarized in a report which is published as part of the Commission's collection of documents ("K-MAT 67").