Expert opinion on the assessment of the storage of fuel elements from the Obrigheim nuclear power plant in the interim storage at the Neckarwestheim nuclear power plant.

At the decommissioned Obrigheim nuclear power plant, fuel elements are still being stored, which are to be loaded into castor casks for further interim storage. At the location of the KWO, there is no interim storage facility for castor casks. On the other hand, there is still storage space in the intermediate storage facility at the nearby Neckarwestheim nuclear power plant (GKN), which is not needed for the fuel elements there. The storage of the Castor containers with fuel elements of the KWO in the interim storage facility GKN has been approved. In this context, the community of Neckarwestheim has commissioned the OEko-Institute with various investigations. It is to be examined whether an environmental impact assessment should have been carried out for this approval. Furthermore, it should be checked whether all safety relevant investigations have been carried out in the approval procedure. In addition, the completeness of the requirements of the approval certificate is to be examined.