Double dividend through electricity savings and reinvestment in renewable energies

In order to advance the energy turnaround, Elektrizitätswerke Schönau (EWS) is planning and testing a new business model in cooperation with Oeko-Institut and Büro oe-quadrat within the context of this project sponsored by the Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU). The aim is to promote energy efficiency, electricity savings and renewable energies in equal measure, to win new customers for EWS and strengthen customer loyalty. The basic idea of the business model is to advise customers that they consume significantly less electricity and to invest the money saved in renewable energy systems or shares thereof.
For this purpose, households on site receive in-depth advice on energy-saving, including direct installation of energy-saving small appliances (also to save heat and water/warm water). The savings in electricity costs achieved in subsequent years are invested less the costs incurred in share certificates for a PV system. The customers continue to transfer the same amount of money for the electricity costs as in the previous year, i.e. they have no real additional burden, but a growing number of shares in a PV system.

The approach will be tested with 100 households as a model and under practical conditions. If the pilot model proves to be successful, it can be continued and upscaled as business model.

The project is innovative because it overcomes the classic barriers to saving electricity by surprisingly combining it with the resulting investment in PV systems, and at the same time avoids rebound effects by using the saved electricity costs elsewhere (unecologically). .