Consumer survey – Utilization of programs on the occasion of new policy options to improve the eco-design and energy labelling of washing machines

The project aims at exploring to what extent an economical consumer behaviour in terms of programme selection and load volume can be triggered by means of ecodesign or energy labelling.

In this respect, within the framework of the preparatory study on the revision of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations for washing machines, different policy scenarios that are expected – as compared to the present situation – to lead to an increased use of energy-saving standard cotton programmes in the future. Building on the knowledge of the current washing behaviour and the understanding of the label, the conduct of consumers in purchase decisions and their washing behaviour in real-life situations are to be assessed in a qualitative online survey. The various combinations of measures are to be evaluated on the basis of a strengths / weaknesses profile and with regard to consumers understanding and acceptance, effects on the energy consumption of washing machines, impact on costs the consumer must bear as well as evaluation of the implementation and control requirements.

Study in cooperation with the University of Bonn